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We create and develop technological solutions to speed up the digital transformation of companies.

From websites, software or web and mobile platforms to brand design and management, we offer a 360º custom-made service to each project.

privacy policy

privacy policy

When you consult or browse our WEB page, some personal data can be obtained passively and without the mention being expressly indicated. That's what happens with cookies. You can have several options regarding the collection and processing of personal data. You may not transmit any data when using our WEB page and you can trigger measures that inhibit cookies, adobe flash or others, following your browser's instructions.

The inhibition of cookies may make some features of the website unavailable or with poor presentation. Cookies are small text files that we send to you and are stored on your computer. They allow us to collect some personal data such as your language options, the browser used, the pages you consult, the time used, and your IP address.

Your IP address is a number automatically assigned to your device by your Internet access provider. An IP address is, almost always, identifiable, and automatically registered in the files of our server when a user consults the WEB site. The company uses IP addresses to calculate the extent of use of the WEB pages, to help diagnose server problems, and to administer the WEB site. We use cookies for security purposes, to facilitate navigation, traffic analysis and statistics, to improve the design and features, for online advertising, and also to memorize the vehicles you choose so that we can make you a comparative table or help you resume your search.

Cookies can also communicate to the company which parts of the website are most visited, help us to evaluate the effectiveness of service and vehicle advertisements and provide general indications about user behavior. We use cookies for all browsers (Safari, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) which allow their deactivation through the preferences settings.

We use the following three categories of cookies:

• Necessary cookies - they are essential to allow navigation and use of the website's features, for example, when comparing vehicles.

• Performance cookies - are those that collect information on the use of the website to optimize the content presented, allowing for a better experience.

• Function cookies - they are the ones that memorize options made as language, geographic location and other user preferences, also allowing to register the products displayed.

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