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Take control of your brand.

Sliko is where business is validated. A platform that gives back to you the control of how, where and who gets to feature your brand.




software engineering


Sliko is technological solution for online brands management that allows you to control where, how and who gets to feature your brand online.

Through the platform, you can manage and validate your customers, suppliers, partners and investors, ensuring greater legitimacy to business relationships. Easy and fast to integrate, Sliko also allows you to manage the brands displayed on your website and enhance your brand's relationship with business partners.

The Sliko’s partnership validation system ensures the truthfulness of business relationships, reinforces brands reliability and gives you back control over your own brand.

Born as an internal project, Sliko was developed based on Nuxt (Vue), Postgres and microservices technology. All the visual identity, design (website and dashboard) and digital marketing strategy (SEO, SEM and social media) are under our team’s responsability.

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